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Listen To: We Came As Romans – To Plant A Seed

We Came As Romans

My post last week featured Sleepwalking by Bring Me The Horizon. I mention in that post that We Came As Romans was a close second in terms of the hardest/loudest/craziest bands I’ve seen to date. Guess who I’m featuring this week? That’s right! We Came As Romans (WCAR). One of the most explosive bands hailing from Michigan. They have 5 members and two front singers. That’s not unusual these days. Bands like Crown The Empire have multiple singers. Be sure to check out We Came As Romans Official Youtube channel.

About We Came As Romans

I’ve seen this band a good number of times as well. The firs time that I saw We Came As Romans was at the House Of Blues in Las Vegas, NV 2013. They were on tour with Crown the Empire and The Used. As soon as the first song was done, I realized that I had just discovered an amazing new band and I’ll be spending $40 on all of their music. I also got a shirt. So chalk that up to $65 I spent that night. The band was amazing and I knew I would see We Came As Romans again. Shortly after, Warped Tour 2013 came to Vegas and WCAR played in the heat of the day. Yeah, 110 degrees. One of the vocalist’s was sick, but he still came out and sang his heart out. You really have to admire performers like that. They know who runs the show. It’s the fans. Regardless, I’ve seen WCAR 4 times and I’m still impressed to this day. They even walked away from 100% hardcore music and they’re about 60/40 hardcore. Pick up their latest record titled “We Came As Romans” to hear their new sound!

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