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Listen To: This Calendar Year – Press 0, Get Serviced

This Calendar Year

Have you ever heard of a gateway band? It’s like a gateway drug, but so much cooler. Not to mention much safer. This Calendar Year (TCY) is my gateway band. This amazing band has introduced me to The Cab and The Higher. For that, I’ll always be grateful and loyal.

This Calendar Year was the first band I booked

I was living in Reno, Nevada. All I wanted to do was simple. I wanted to book This Calendar Year. So I put together a show at a local bar. Nervous as hell, I asked TCY to join the show. I probably crashed a Myspace Server with all of the load refresh requests I sent in a 30 second period.

This Calendar Year

After a few days, This Calendar Year agreed to play. They sent over a simple YES message on MySpace. Remember MySpace? Once I saw that New Message email, I quickly became scared.

What if they said No. Or Hell No? I mean, for me at that time it was a big deal. I wasn’t sure how I would handle rejection. Especially since I had the band on a pedestal. Thankfully, they said Yes.

After reaching out to a couple of other bands, we had a show. I already knew a few bands in Reno. Some of them had played with This Calendar Year before.

This Calendar Year

As a live show promoter, it helps to be a fan. You book the shows that you want to see. The show that I wanted to see was Ashton, This Calendar Year and Promises, Promises.

Luckily enough, all three bands agreed.

A few months later, I went to see The Higher. I had no idea that This Calendar year was on the show. The tickets in Reno did not list the supporting acts. Just the headliners. The promoters didn’t care about the local band.

They should of, because TCY is a Gateway Band.

Knowing the band

After a few shows, I made friends with the band. I added their show feed to my feed tracker. When they announced a show, I made arrangements to be there. So when I heard that they were playing in Vegas, I wasn’t going to miss it. I didn’t care who they played with. I was there for TCY.

I had no idea that I would be seeing The Cab with This Calendar Year. I had heard of The Cab, but I didn’t think I would get to see them in such a personal show. From what I had heard, they were playing sold-out shows and playing with Fall Out Boy.

Had TCY not been on the show, I probably would have not been in attendance. Since they played, I became a fan of The Cab. That’s also the night that I met Panic! at The Disco. See how TCY is my gateway band?

I want you to listen to them, even though they are not araound anymore. They didn’t die, they just split up and went in a different direction. After playing Taste of Chaos in Reno and opening for huge bands, they had enough of not being signed to a lable.

I would have signed you guy. Hands Down.

Here you can see TCY playing at the show that I’m talking about.

Listen To This Calendar Year – My Admiration

Listen To This Calendar Year – September

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  1. Thanks for the kind words dude!
    Glad we could have such a profound effect on your musical endeavors.
    Garry and I are currently working on some music
    And I also sing in a local band Our Devices. Check it out!

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