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Listen To: The Higher – Insurance

the higher insurances

There once was a band from Las Vegas. Bid deal right? Many bands are from Vegas. We’ll I’m talking about one of my favorite bands. Top 5, if you will.

They were called The Higher. My first “The Higher” concert was in Reno, NV at a place called The Underground. There was an all ages venue, think a hole in the wall and dive bar settings.

There was a door that leads to the actual bar area. I was not 21 and I couldn’t go in. My friends who were 21 started telling me stories of how they were drinking with the band.

I became jealous, immediately. Regardless, the show was great and I had fun.

But then something amazing happened…

I Met The Higher

As I am walking to my car, Reggie and Tom walked by me and I said “Holy shit. You’re Reggie and Tom”. They looked at me as if I asked them to describe the taste of water.

“Yep, that’s us. What’s up man” Reggie replied. I talked with them for a few minutes and they asked me a few questions.

The one they didn’t ask was “What’s your favorite song”? Most musicians don’t ask this question.

Mostly because it’s a can of worms. Had they asked me, I’d still be talking to this day. Smart move on their part.

I could listen to The Higher all day. Their music isn’t too loud to disturb my co-workers. To be clear, their music isn’t soft either. Watch the Youtube video’s below and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

I always recommend this to music lovers

The last show that I saw The Higher play was in 2007 in Las Vegas. Seeing a band play in their hometown is the best. Why? They have friends there.

These friends show up to their shows. The friends remember when the band played house parties and smaller gigs.

They have a lot to live up to.

After 2009, I was bummed. There was no more band. They simply went away.

Sidenote: If you have seen Escape the Fate, also a band from Las Vegas, in their hometown, you know what I’m talking about. Ronnie Radke used to walk out on stage and throw his middle fingers in the air. He would say things like “How many of you jerks went to school with me?” Before you had a chance to raise your hand, he would say “F&*( you. Look at me now!”

I found Seth, in the most random place

If you’re a fan of The Higher, like I am, you’ll be able to recognize Seth Trotter’s voice anywhere. That’s exactly what happened to me.

I was out, in Vegas, one Saturday night and I was at a place called The Gold Spike. I was in their backyard sitting by a fireplace. Out of an Air Stream Mobile Trailer walks the band.

They had taken a break. Here is the exact moment that I realized Seth was the singer of the band playing that night.

I was filming the couple dancing in front of the band. They’re entertaining. I when the band came into focus, there was the band.

Since that night. I’ve seen Seth’s band called ClockWork play several times. Seeing him play again brought me back to the first time I saw the Higher.

I encourage you to go listen to the Higher and come out to a ClockWork show in Vegas. I’ll be there.

“Let’s burn this filthy town straight into the ground with our dirty looks and glances. Come on, can you hear us now, as we rock you, shock you, drop you, and make you want it more?” I’ve sung this opening line 500,000 times in the shower. No joke.

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Watch Seth Trotter – Clock Work

My Pictures With The Higher

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