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Listen To: The Cab – I’ll Run

The Cab

One of the best times that I’ve ever had, at a concert, was with The Cab. My friends were in a band called This Calendar Year. We called them TCY. The Cab invited This Calendar Year to help them open up the new Town Square Guitar Center in Las Vegas.

Who would pass that up? I just moved to Vegas and I had no friends. I got a text from TCY’s bass player inviting me out for the night. That night, I made many friends and met two of my favorite musicians.

The Cab

I Met The Cab and Panic! @ The Disco

The Cab was signed to Decaydance Records for the song I’ll Run. They gave a demo to a member of Panic and to a member of Boys Like Girls. Shortly after, The Cab became a huge sensation. Since Guitar Center was opening a new vegas Location, they approached the band to play. They had a huge following and that meant money to the store.

On the night of the show, I showed up a bit early. There was a European Double Deck Bus parked in front of the Store. I called my buddy and he poked his head out of the bus. “Come in. I have a surprise for you”, He yelled. The doors opened and I jumped aboard.

As I walked in, I was greeted by Alex and Cash (The Cab), and Brendon Urie (Panic! @ The Disco). I was excited to see my friend. I was. I was even more excited to see two of my favorite bands in the same place. Brendon mentioned to me that the only drinks being served on the bus were mixed with Redbull.

Fine with me. Redbull and Jager were my drink of choice at the time. So don’t threaten me with a good time. I sat down and I felt like I was part of the guys. I was not in the band(s). I was not a sound tech either. I was just a fan.

The same night, I made four new friends in town. We also went to Roberto’s Taco Shop after the show.

This Calendar Year has played a big part in my musical journey. You’ll soon see why. This Calendar Year is next in my Listen To Series.

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Brendon Urie / The Cab Las Vegas Guitar Center

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This song was written with the help of Bruno Mars. It’s a good one.

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