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Listen To: She Has A Fashion Vice – Just for a Second

She Has A Fashion Vice Logo
She Has A Fashion Vice is now Preacher NV

I need you to listen to a song. Just for a second. No. That’s what the song is called. It’s by one of my favorite bands from Reno, eNVy. They’re called She Has A Fashion Vice. I’ve listened to them since myspace was still a thing. In Late 2011, I discovered that a friend of mine was working with this awesome Reno band. Had he not shared his work on myspace, who knows if I would have found SHAFV.

Lately, I’ve fallen into this rut of Nostalgia. I’ve broken all of my old records out. For those of you playing the home game, that means charging my iPod. In doing so, She Has A Fashion Vice was at the top on my “Playlists”. It’s a mixture of both of their records I have. The playlist is called _SHEHASAFASHIONVICE. I put the underscore in front of the name to make sure it was the first in line under playlists. I did this with all of my favorite bands as it made finding music while driving so much easier.

There’s something I have to admit. I used to crank up She Has A Fashion Vice as I blasted home from long trips home from Reno. Imagine being passed by a twin turbo 95 Integra during the night while driving through the Nevada desert. Now, imagine the song “Just For A Second” on full blast. Now combine those two imaginations and multiply by twenty. That describes how I listened to She Has A Fashion Vice.

There’s something else I have to admit. She Has A Fashion Vice helped me get rid of a Liar on a first date. “Snakes And Sparklers” was the song that helped me get rid of her. The song can be found on the record called “Stop Sweating, Start Talking“. She Has A Here’s the story. I started talking to this woman on Myspace. Her name was Mandy. We texted all day like stupid idiots. I thought we had talked about the kind of music we both liked. Maybe I dreamed it. I’m not exactly sure. Either way, we started to think we should meet in person and go on a date. I love Jimboys Tacos. It’s an amazing taco shop in Reno, eNVy. Mandy said she loved them too. So I asked her out and said we would get dinner and then go walk by the river. “See you at seven” she replied.

I picked her up in my the same Integra mentioned earlier. I didn’t have the music playing just yet. We talked, drove and laughed our way to dinner. After dinner, we got back into my car and Mandy asked me to turn on some music. I could have chosen some trendy ass bullshit that was popular at the time. I almost turned on the local rock station called KDOT Reno’s rock station. Sidenote: I love that the site is built on WordPress.

So Mandy and I jump into my car and start heading down to the river walk. I shuffle through my playlists and I put on the first one. Yes, the same playlist mentioned earlier. The first song on the playlist is Snakes and Sparklers. The guitar intro starts to play. A voice comes on and Mandy starts to dance. She’s digging it and I thought “Here’s my next girlfriend”. Thirty seconds later, lead singer N8 opens up with this powerful scream. “As I lay here, alone I realize!!!!!!!”.

Mandy stops dancing. She looks over at me and says “That was not what I thought we were going to listen to“. She said she likes to listen to popular music. Music by Destiny’s Child, Black Eye Peas and etc. I told her I refuse to listen to that bullshit music being shoved into our faces as “Good music”. That’s when we kind of both realized the date was over.

We showed up to the river walk and parted ways. We both lived close by. SO it’s not like she was left to get a ride from a friend or anything. She waslked home and texted me when she got there. That’s about it.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these boys. They’re super talented and amazing people!

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