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Shared Blog: With Shayda

dine with shayda

Shayda is the best. To call her a friend is amazing. I appreciate it Shayda. With Shayda is one of my favorite blogs about food and travel. I’ve had the privilege to dine with Shayda Torabi. In 2015, WordCamp Minneapolis offered me the chance to speak at their event. Arriving at the Tacos and Tequila before party, held by some mutual friends of ours, I had my first chance to dine with Shayda. She was there representing the company she works for, WPEngine. Her job was to interact with attendees of WordCamp events and show them the benefits of WPEngine. At the before party, we were able to talk about what each other have been up to and what is new in our world. We had some amazing tacos and laughed at some of the WordPress jokes that others were making.

Russell Aaron & Shayda Torabi at LoopConf 2015.

Russell Aaron & Shayda Torabi at LoopConf 2015.

We left the before party and went straight to the Speakers dinner. Here is where I had my second chance to dine with Shayda. This time we were eating from an amazing food truck. I do not know the name of it, but I wished I did. They were amazing. Fast forward a bit and a group of speakers ended up at this amazing ice cream shop. All of the speakers went up to the second level and once again, traded stories.

Dine With Shayda – WordCamp Day One

After WordCamp, we all wondered what to do before the after party. We look around and Shayda mentions that she wants to go to this awesome pizza place she has heard of. A group of speakers get together and we head on over. This place is packed. From wall to wall. We ended up eating our pizza’s outside on the curb.

Why is it important that I shared my experiences with you? Because having the chance to dine with Shayda is truly unique. I got to try some new places that I probably wouldn’t of thought about. I learned to open my food horizons and I learned that there is no such thing as a bad place to dine with Shayda.

dine with shayda

Shayda Torabi

I first got to meet Shayda Torabi at Prestige Conf in Las Vegas, February 2015. dine with shayda I had some small interactions with her online in the Advanced WordPress Group on Facebook. We shared some simple stories and she even let me take some pictures in front of the giant WPEngine backdrop at the event. It was my default profile image for 6 months. No joke.

Shayda is the kind of person that thinks of the big picture. She was in charge of swag for WPEngine. She has recently taken a new position and I know she’s going to be amazing at it. Her cheer is completely contagious. She’s the kind of person that can turn a bad day into the best day in your life. Shayda Torabi is the role model that anyone should look up to. I’ve never heard he say a bad thing about anything. She always finds the good in things. Sometimes you hear about stories like this. You hear that there are these kind of people in the world. I’m lucky to have met her and thankful for her friendship.

About Dine With Shayda

dine with shayda This blog is my manifesto of a good life full of great food. I have always had a love for good food, part due to the eclectic middle eastern cuisine I was raised up eating thanks to my father, and part to the curiosity I have for discovering new ways to combine ingredients that both excite and inspire my pallet. I believe good food is something we are all searching for, whether it is the perfect bite, or that perfect meal. And so I search, relentlessly, to find the most amazing meals on this earth and share them with you. So would you please join me, tell your friends, and pull up a seat to what I can promise you will be a good collection of great meals for your dining pleasure.

You should Dine With Shayda

I encourage everyone to follow her on Twitter and read her blog. Learn about some new food choices you should be making. It’s going to change your life. My favorite blog post on dine with Shayda is about ice cream.

You can see all of the pictures from the Minneapolis WordCamp event on

Read Her WordPress Story

Shayda wrote this fantastic article called Try Something New. Give it a red and see how she ventured into the WordPress Space.

Watch an interview with Shayda

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