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Reverse age restrictions for motor vehicles

reverse age restrictions

Have you ever thought about reverse age restrictions on motor vehicles. It’s where you start limiting an older gentleman from buying a sports, muscle or exotic vehicle. How crazy is that to think about? I think there is a reason this could be a thing. Hear me out on this subject of reverse age restrictions for motor vehicles.

My reasons for reverse age restrictions

Yes, this has everything to do with age and speed. It’s not about the fact that an older individual could lose control of the car or that the accelerator could get stuck and force the car to reach an amazing speed and crash. While those are very good reasons, I have a better one.

I’m worried that the health of our senior citizens is starting to decrease. When I was younger, my grandmother took maybe three or four pills a day. Mild doses with time gaps in between. If my grandmother was alive today, she would be on eight to ten pills and take them all at once. That reason alone is the soul reasoning behind my blog post.

There are a lot of prescription drugs, that are being prescribed, in this country and it baffles me to this day. I can’t believe the needs and wants of these drugs. Not to mention the side effects. The side effects are what I worry about when someone gets behind the wheel. Especially when that car is a Chevy Camaro with 657 horsepower. You see, some people like to buy a sports car when they retire. It’s called a mid-life crisis. I get it. I would buy a fancy sports car as well. The thing is that most can’t afford these types of cars until they are older and their credit scores have gone up. Maybe even after paying off their mortgage.

Reverse age restrictions and cars arguments.

There is a very reasonable argument that one could make to say that younger individuals could just as easily make the same mistakes behind the wheel, as an older individual could while on their medication. For me, the difference is that older individuals are usually going to get something specific. Like more medication. Driving to get more medication, while on medication is what scares me. Yes, there are shipping methods. You have to remember though that these individuals make less than $1100 a month. SO shipping medication is not an option. So they have to drive. That’s the problem.

What I’m purposing

I say that cars with a specific horsepower should have an age restriction or recommendation Unless you pass a physical, you can not buy a motor vehicle over a certain horsepower. I think it’s a trade off for safety. I would feel much safer knowing that someone required to take prescription drugs has to drive a car under two hundred and fifty horsepower. Yes, I’ll give you the fact that even a thirty mile an hour car crash still causes a lot of force and damage. I’m more concerned with the acceleration in this argument.

A car that can reach zero to sixty miles an hour in less than 4.2 seconds needs to be driven by someone who is capable of handling the car in every aspect. I know a Fiat is not the dream, mid-life crisis, car for someone who retired. Sir / Madam, I am more concerned with your safety that I am with your joy in life. I want you to be happy. I really do. However, I would trade speed for an extra twenty years with my loved ones. And I am a racing fan. So it is hard for me to say this. I just want everyone to live longer.

Medical problems in racing

You know what happens when someone has medical problems in the racing world? They Cant Race! Ask Brian Vickers. He has blood clots. It’s much worse than that, but to keep the story simple, he has blood clots. Brian has to use a blood thinner to keep his blood from clotting. For that reason alone, they won’t let him race. Well if they won’t let him race at 200 miles per hour, with every safety device known to man, I think they shouldn’t let him drive 65 in a car with a mild crash score rating. That’s just my two cents.

1 thought on “Reverse age restrictions for motor vehicles”

  1. Great idea Russell! And, knowing the tendency for law creep, or other expansion, it will be no time at all that seniors will be restricted from driving altogether? We will be much safer then! And, as an added bonus I can call up Russell to fetch my groceries and drive me to my appointments? In fact let’s take it one step further and restrict the HP on all cars? Say, limit HP to 100 like the first car that I ever drove? (1949 Ford) After we get rid of dangerous power cars then we can go after the guns, the knives and sharp sticks? Let’s not forget about restricting dangerous ideas! We could have the information ministry formulate a law to jail anyone with a contrary opinion? Or maybe we could address a real problem? Here is a short clip about my personal concerns as they relate to your suggestion.

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