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Nascar Championship Week 2015 Recap

Nascar Championship Week

Every year, for the last couple of years, Nascar has held an annual Nascar Championship Week in Las Vegas. The top 16 drivers in the points standings are invited to attend events held here in Vegas. Most of the activities require some kind of credentials in order to attend. Usually, the credentials are tickets or press passes There are two events that are completely free. Nascar Championship Week FanFest and Nascar Championship Week Victory Lap. That’s what I’m going to be talking about today.

Nascar Championship Week FanFest

Nascar Championship Week FanFest is a free red carpet event. The top 16 Nascar drivers walk a red carpet and sign a few autographs for the fans. The event is held on Fremont Street between the Four Queens Hotel and The D Hotel. Some fans wait several hours just to be able to get their favorite drivers autograph. It’s nuts. I’m one of those people. In 2013, I waited two hours, in the rain. It was really cold and totally worth it. I got to meet my favorite driver. Kyle Busch. He signed my hat and said hello to me.

Not all Nascar fans are this hardcore. The fans that attend Nascar Championship Week are as hardcore as I am. I have met one lady who waited 6 hours just to meet Jeff Gordon. She drove 2011 miles from Georgia just to meet him. I told her that she could have bought pit passes and drove to Atlanta. It would have saved her money too. Regardless, she’s pretty hardcore. I adore her. Other fans fly into Las Vegas for the Nascar Championship Week. It also helps that National Finals Rodeo is in town during the same week. I think a lot of Nascar fans are Rodeo fans.

Kylebusch signed diecast cars

Another story about Nascar Championship Week FanFest involves stealing a child’s diecast car. Hear me out. I didn’t steal it from him and keep the car. You see, some people are not lucky enough to get upfront during Nascar Championship Week FanFest. So they have to stand behind others and hope that Dale Earnhardt JR or Kevin Harvick will reach over the front row and sign their car. That’s never the case by the way.

There was a child standing behind me. He had a Dale Earnhardt JR diecast car. He wanted to get it signed by Dale Earnhardt JR. Sounds plausible to me. Fast forward to the part where Dale Earnhardt JR walks by. The rest of this story takes place in a time span of 20 seconds. I tell the kid to stand in front of me because Dale Earnhardt JR is going to sign his car. He says “NO” and stomps his foot. I take the car from his hand. The kid starts to cry. I hold the car up and Dale Earnhardt JR signs the car. I turn around and hand the car to the kid. He stops crying and looks at me and says thank you. The Mother of the child says thank you and walks away with son in arms.

Here is a video of Nascar Championship Week 2013 FanFest. 4:00 into the video is where I got to meet Kyle Busch!

Nascar Championship Week Victory Lap

This is the premier event that everyone must attend if you are a diehard Nascar fan. The Nascar Championship Week Victory Lap consists of the top 16 Nascar Drivers getting in their cars and doing Victory Burnouts on the world famous Las Vegas BLVD. It is an awesome sight to see. Below are the videos for 2013 and 2014. In those two years, all of the top 16 drivers would do burnouts for the Nascar Championship Week Victory Lap. For 2015, Only the Top 8 drivers did burnouts on my corner. I was standing on Spring Mountain and Las Vegas Blvd. The bottom 8 drivers did burnouts on the other corner. That would be Harmon and Las Vegas Blvd.

So here are some pictures and videos to enjoy. I think you’ll enjoy them.

2015 Nascar Championship Week Victory Lap Burnouts

2015 Nascar Championship Week Vicroty Lap Burnouts Part 2

2014 Nascar Championship Week Victory Lap Burnouts

2013 Nascar Championship Week Victory Lap Burnouts

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