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Listen To: Attack! Attack! – Not Afraid

Attack Attack Band Photo

Attack Attack randomly showed up on my radar one day. A friend of mine was playing music for me while we drank half a bottle of Jameson. After a few songs played, Not Afraid began to play. I love songs that start off with power cords and lots of energy. To me, this ensures I’m along for an epic ride. After listening to the intro, I was hooked. I’m a fan of simple “Hey Hey” chants. It’s hard to hear the chant. It comes right in before the first verse. The chant also plays throughout the song in smaller parts.

We live in a time where empowering messages have the potential to ignite a worldwide movement. I think Not Afraid is a song to spark the energy needed to speak up against something you feel is wrong. It’s important to have self-esteem. Music is one thing I always turn to for a quick pick me up. It’s one of my top five songs to help regroup and start over.

I hope you enjoy this song. I usually jump up and play air guitar to the song. Maybe it will inspire you to do the same.

Forget everything you were told when you were young. You won’t ever need to rely on the words you know. Untangle the truth from the lies and the webs you spun. There’s time to save this, So let’s not waste it.

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