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Listen To: Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion

Still Image from Lady Gaga Perfect Illusion

The first time I heard Lady Gaga, I was not impressed. Don’t get me wrong. I love angry women on a microphone. There’s something about a woman screaming out her hatred towards the government or an ex-boyfriend. Too me, it’s like getting ringside seats to a breakup. It was different with Lady Gaga. Hearing poker face on the radio every thirty seconds probably had something to do with it. Around the time poker face came out, my favorite radio stations were switching from playing one specific kind of music to playing whatever pays the bills. Also factoring into my displeasure with Lady Gaga.

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My girlfriend at the time was a huge Lady Gaga fan. She was really into punk and ska bands. Hearing the words “I’m really into Lady Gaga right now” was shocking. We sat down, lighted a hookah and listened to Lady Gaga’s first record. By the time we were done, I was dancing with my girlfriend and making lame jokes involving lyrics from the record. I was hooked. I changed the ringtone for my friend Nichole. It went from Cherry Cherry by Neil Diamond to Just Dance. Nichole is always losing her phone and not caring where she is. She just wants to have fun and dance. It was an appropriate song for her.

My favorite Lady Gaga performance

When Lady Gaga released Artpop, her first record was Applause. He video is 200% odd and I loved it. A tweet went out stating she was opening the MTV Music Awards. My heart raced as I started to think about all the weird shit she was going to do on live T.V. If there’s one person who can get away with being super odd on T.V. it’s Lady Gaga. I turned the program on and there she was. Dressed up like a square nun. She began to sing and ripping off clothes. Lady Gaga changed live on stage, while the song continued to play. Amazing.

One thing you should know about Lady Gaga. She hates when a performer pre-records their music before a concert. Meaning, most artists do not sing live. They will sing the song during sound check. That recording is played during the live performance. Making it seem as if the artist is singing live. Gaga has told Howard Stern she will not be one of these performers. Many times in fact. She gets my applause! Her website is pretty rad as well.

I’m not the biggest fan of new music

When I hear a new music, I immediately think one of two things. “Oh, {insert artist name here} is trying to be relevant again” or “{insert artist name here} is still a thing? How?”. I hear new music as a desperate attempt to fit in with the current times. A time where it’s more popular to release one song at a time instead of a whole record. A time where bands have to tour in order to make any money off their music.

Then I heard Perfect Illusion. At first, I heard another new song and I immediately thought “She’s just pushing out songs for the sake of being relevant”. I gave it a listen and I kind of liked it. A commercial came on T.V. announcing Lady Gaga as the Superbowl Half Time Show. They played a clip from the Perfect Illusion video. I turned on my Sirus app and Lady Gaga was on Howard Stern. That’s when I decided to give her song another chance. I listened to the song three times in a row. I didn’t hate it.

I’m now convinced, Lady Gaga can do no wrong. I’m a huge fan. Did you see her on stage with Metallica at the Grammy’s? Pretty awesome. Anyways, hope you enjoy the song. It’s one of my new favorites.

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