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Listen To: Ghost Notes – Old English

Custom made image featuring artist

Ghost Notes came into my life while watching Unboxed Therapy. I cant remember the exact episode where Old English debuted. However, It was around the time the Pixel 2 & 2XL were reviewed. I was looking for a new phone and I trust Lew from Unboxed Therapy. One of the tech reviews on a mobile phone featured Ghost Notes – Old English. I immediately jumped to the internet and found the song. For three days, this was all I listened too. On Repeat. I basically lived on Ghost Notes SoundCloud channel. I think you’re really going to like the music of this track. After this blows your mind, head over to the SoundCloud page and listen to all the music. There’s even a message from the artist mentioning a first album dropping in early 2019! So stay tuned for that.

I’ve really been into Las Vegas Graffiti and street art lately. I’ve been taking my free time to draw and learn the Jedi ways of becoming a tagger. So when I’m drawing, I hook up the Ghost notes to my ear goggles and I’m ready to go!

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