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Listen To: Escape The Fate – Situations

dying is your latest fashion album cover

Escape The Fate is one of the first bands I started listening to when I moved to Las Vegas. When the band was originally formed, all of the members were locals. They hung out at the same places we did. I bought Ronnie Radke a shot on his birthday. One turned into twelve. Apparently, rockstars like to drink shots of Jameson. I remember seeing Escape The Fate live at Jillians. Once they played two days in a row. I went to both shows and it kicked ass. Yes, both shows featured the same songs in the set. I didn’t care because I was a fan. I’m like that with all my favorite bands. Honestly, I wished I could just put the band on repeat and play one song over and over.

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russell and ronnie photo

Russell & Ronnie During the Original ETF days

This song takes me back to my younger days. I was still living in Reno, eNVy. My friends and I would get hammered drunk and turn the sound up as loud as it could go. We would make up words to the song. Mostly to insult each other. I love Situations. It’s one of my favorite songs. My favorite lyric: Higher heels and lipstick napkins, dying is your latest fashion. The title of the record is actually called Dying is your latest fashion. Look it up. You’ll enjoy it.

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