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Listen To: Bring Me The Horizon – Doomed

It’s a rainy day here in Las Vegas. I think I like it! Every time it rains in Vegas, I listen to one song. It’s called Doomed by Bring Me The Horizon. By far, it’s my favorite song of theirs. It’s definitely in my top 3 for sure. The song is not about rainy days specifically. It’s a song about how people like to shit on others and ruin their good time. Any time I start feeling down, or like the world has me by the balls, I listen to Doomed. It reminds me to keep on pushing and make these people eat a big bag of shit!

Doomed for sure

Being completely honest here, Doomed was not one of my favorite songs when this record came out. Like their last album, I thought it was just another song they were going to use as an intro for their tour. It’s a common thing for bands to do. AFI does this a lot. I was introduced to an acoustic version of the song and I feel instantly in love with the song. You should be listening to Bring Me The Horizon. Get on it people.

BRING ME THE HORIZON – Doomed Cover | Katy Jackson Ft Christina Rotondo

So leave the lights on I’m coming home. It’s getting darker but I carry on. The sun don’t shine but it never did. And when it rains, it fucking pours, But I think I like it. And you know that I’m love with the mess, I think I like it.

BMTH – Doomed Live at Royal Albert Hall

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