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Listen To: 888 – Critical Mistakes

I listen to a few songs every day in order to start my day. One of them is called “The Show Must Go On” by Drop Dead, Gorgeous. “Let’s set the stage on Fire! Hollywood will be jealous“. I sing that every day as I’m getting ready to log in and start my day. Sometimes it will be stuck in my head for days. I always wondered what happened to Drop Dead, Gorgeous after they stopped playing together. Enter 888’s new song Critical Mistakes.

YouTube video
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Now I sing “I want a house on the hill by the ocean” every morning, day and night. Critical Mistakes is currently on repeat in Spotify. It’s made three of my top playlists including “Songs I want to hear daily”. I can’t say enough about it. Ok, I actually can. Give the song a listen while you read the rest.

After a few Google searches, I discovered 888 and their awesome website. I had no idea there was a new band with three of the members. I could not get to youtube fast enough. I wanted to hear their music. I was surprised to hear their new Alt-Rock meets Pop sound. With an open mind, I gave their record a listen. I was kind of sad. Not from the record. Normally I load my Hookah and listen to the music for an hour. I recently quit smoking hookah, so this was new for me. The first song I heard was Critical Mistakes. That’s when I became a fan of 888.

I’m encouraging everyone to give them a listen to. They recently played at Lollapalooza and they’re making way to a city near you. Check out the 888 tour schedule. EEEPPP! 888 is coming to Vegas with the Rocket Summer in 2017!! Hell Yeah! See you there. Give 888 a listen. You’ll enjoy it. Promise.

the logo for 888 band and critical mistakes
The official logo of 888.

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