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I have a lot of respect for self-learners. I have a lot of respect for entrepreneurs. I have a lot of respect for self-learning entrepreneurs from Australia trying to make their mark in the United States. I wished I would have said that to Alex King when I first met him. Instead, I decided to criticise the fact he used a page builder tool. I shouldn’t have done it. However, I can’t be mad because it’s actually something we both laugh about now.


Alex King is amazing. His website is simply amazing and he’s a hell of a friend. He’ll openly admit he’s not a developer and HTML is kind of scary to him. Still, you can’t deny that his portfolio is polished as hell. He’s a hard-working man and willing to put in the time to make your website amazing.

How I first met Alex King

I used to send out funny tweets to my friends. One day this guy comes to a WordPress meetup and says he uses Visual Composer. That’s all I needed in order to start the verbal trash talk up to one hundred and forty characters. What I didn’t know is that my tweets would be used against me in the following Las Vegas WordCamp. I used to give Alex King a bunch of crap for using a page builder. He used to dish it back by saying he could build sites faster than I could. I sent a tweet once, and Alex made a screenshot. He put it in his slides and began his WordCamp presentation.

The first time I offered to give Alex a ride to a meetup, he told me he was on the Las Vegas Strip. I asked why. He replied that he lived in the City Center. I thought he was kidding. He wasn’t.

Despite all of our back and forth over page builders and custom code, we’ve remained friends. He even invited us over to his house on New Years for an epic game of Cards Against Humanity. I’ll never forget that night Alex. While I got you here on my blog, I just want to say that I’ll never say anything nice about Visual Composer, but I’ll back your work 100%!

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