Learn About Blogging

Hi. I’m Russell Aaron. I’ve been in WordPress since 2011. You can read more about me. I’m a a fan of WordPress first and foremost. I want to share with you my knowledge of what Blogging is. I have a website with a blog. You can too.

I want to help you answer a few questions about blogging.

In this 30 minute session, Russell Aaron is going to help you solve a couple key questions surrounding Blogging.

  • Can I blog for free?
  • Do I have to Pay for a service?
  • Do I have to blog on a schedule?
  • How can I get started blogging?

This is a one time minimum payment of $10.00. You can adjust the price if you would like to add more to the total amount.

Russell, eNVy

30 Minute Call discussing Blogging

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