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Your Theme Can Do That Too

Learning a new theme can be tough sometimes. Not to mention that each theme can be put together 500 different ways.

This presentation is going to show you that your theme can do all of the cool tricks that any other theme can do. Not to mention, in a much less hair pulling – stress free environment. By the end of this presentation, you will be feeling confident that your theme can do that too!

How many times have you purchased a theme based on the “live demonstration” or “live preview”, only to be let down once you find out that the theme was built in a totally crazy way? Let’s say you have a magazine theme, and you like this other magazine theme because there is a slide show on each blog post. You find out, after buying and installing the theme that the slide show does not run off the images you attach to the post, but through a 12 step process including buying the theme developer’s “special” plugin for another $45 a year?

How many times have you had to edit every page of your website due to installing a new theme and finding out that the old theme used short codes and this new theme has no short codes at all?

I can tell you that I’ve done it 4 times for 4 different clients, and each time got worse and worse. So I’m here to show you an easier way to get your theme to do the things you want it to do.