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Build Your Site Before You Install It

WordCamp Reno Tahoe 2013


Build Your Site Before You Install It

Build Your Site Before You Install It
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Russell Aaron (@enqueue_russ) of Las Vegas, NV will be presenting in the Business/User track of the 2013 Reno-Tahoe WordCamp. His session, titled Build Your Website Before You Install WordPress, will be an introductory session that will discuss steps that need to be taken before users pick out their ideal theme and install plugins. He will map out a plan on paper and discuss planning for future problems. After the session is done, anyone planning on starting an online business using WordPress as their CMS framework will have a general knowledge of what is really needed to be done before launching a website.

I built a WordPress Support Website from scratch. All of my time spent developing the site was done on paper. I did not spend time researching plugins and themes. That is where I feel like most people get stuck with building their business. If you can build it out in your mind, picking themes and plugins come easy.

Russell has presented at WordCamp Las Vegas in 2012 and is a co-organizer of the Las Vegas WordPress Meetup Group.

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Hey. I'm Russell Aaron. I'm a WordPress enthusiast. I work at WebDevStudios. I'm Lead Organizer of the WordPress Vegas Meetup Group and WordCamp Las Vegas. I simply blog about anything that comes into my mind. You've been warned.

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