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Listen To: Saosin – The Silver String

Saosin Silver Sting ScreenShot

One of the best stories that I’ve heard, in regards to a band, involves Saosin. I’ve seen them two times. I wished that number was larger. Good news is that that number will move up to 5 this year. That’s right, Saosin is back. With their original singer none the less. That’s also the story that I want to share with you today.

Saosin unique voice problems

We all want to stand out and be original. Anything that can identify you as an individual counts as amazing. That’s why Steve Perry is super popular. He has a very original voice. It turns out though, that two other Journey Front men sound like Steve Perry.

Anthony Green is exactly one of these cases as well. His music and voice are truly unique. He has a slightly higher pitched voice. It turns out, he is not one of a kind.

If you have heard him in Saosin, or his other band Circa Survive, you know that his voice is instantly recognizable.

Just like I described Seth Trotter‘s voice in one of my earlier posts.

I think it takes a real appreciation in order to recognize something specific. My best example would be engines. I can tell the difference between a Nascar engine and an Indy Car engine.

See, appreciation makes a difference.

Well, it turns out that a couple other people can sing/scream just like Anthony Green. That’s where the story gets amazing.

Enter Cove Reber

Anthony Green leaves Sasosin. The band begins to hold auditions for a new lead singer.

After the audition process and several guest vocalists on demos, the band hires 19-year-old Cove Reber and announce him as their new permanent lead singer.

Reber had sent in his demo tape, which was an acoustic demo with “Mookie’s Last Christmas”. The demo has since leaked onto the internet.

It is widely speculated to have included a few songs from Translating the Name. When Saosin Guitar player Beau Burchell first heard the demo, he thought it was Anthony Green playing a trick on them. Cove Reber’s vocal stylings were very similar to those of Green’s when the demo was originally recorded.

Saosin 3.0

Saosin is back with a vengence.

The irony here is the former frontman returned shortly after another Saosin Guitar player left the band. Justin Shekoski left Saosin recently to join up with THE USED.

Once the band had to find a replacement for Anthony Green, Anthony Green now has to find a replacement for Justin Shekoski.

Regardless of who’s in the band or filling in, Sasosin will be a major act on the 2016 Taste of Chaos tour.

You can also catch Saosin at Las Vegas Extreme Thing 2016 – Saturday, April 2, 2016.

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