I never like to talk bad about an ex. Mostly because there was a time, in each relationship, I truly was happy with that ex. So it’s not fair to talk bad about an ex. I do, however, think that jokes about ex-relationships are hilarious. There was a comedian recently who made a joke that she lost a lot of weight after breaking up with her ex. I think that’s hilarious. Now that I pointed that out, I want to tell you about a funny thing I just thought about using a popular movie title. How to make your ex-uglier in ten days.

How to make you ex-uglier in ten days

I’m sitting in this bloggers meet up and we’re talking about photography. Scott Roeben of VitalVegas.com is talking about photography. He is a phenomenal photographer. He was talking about losing photo quality and he mentioned that every time you open a photo, you will start to lose the quality of the photo. That’s where I was introduced to my joke about making your ex-uglier in ten days.

It’s said that opening a photo several times can start to diminish the quality of a photo. So if you want to make your ex-uglier, you could just write a command line script to open and close a picture, of your ex, a billion times. Boom, Uglier. Just like that. I mean, it’s funny to think about right? I think so. I mean, it’s going to have to be opened a lot of times to lose the quality, but it’s funny to think about.

You’ve seen those pictures where someone will cut out an ex, or blur a face of a friend. This is kind of like a new photo hack to make your ex-uglier in ten days. It’s probably like four thousand days. Regardless, there is not a movie called how to lose a guy in four thousand days. It’s how to lose a guy in ten days. So there you have it. The name of my blog title. Sorry that this blog is kind of small, but as you previously read on my blog, I lost a buddy and I’m not feeling like blogging to0 much.


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